Installing Kit Builder on WooCommerceInstalling Kit Builder on Woocommerce


Step 1- Configure New WordPress User

Before creating the user, create a new role with publish_products permissions. You can do this with a plugin like Capability Manager Enhanced to edit WordPress roles. You can set very granular permissions by creating a new user role. Kit Builder only creates a product so it doesn't need permissions to read or write anything else.

Use Capability Manager Enhanced here, but any role editor should do.

Click Plugins > Add New in the WordPress admin menu.

Search for Capability Manager Enhanced, Install and Activate it

Click Users > Capabilities

Enter "Kit Builder" under Create New Role and click Create
Installing Kit Builder on Woocommerce - Step 1

Enable publish products permissions:
Installing Kit Builder on Woocommerce - Step 2

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page


Step 2 - Create WordPress User

Click Users > Add New in WordPress admin menu


Enter any username e.g. "Kit Builder"

Enter an email - any email you control

Uncheck Send User Notification

Set Role as "Kit Builder"

Installing Kit Builder on Woocommerce - Step 3

Click Add New User


Step 3 - Configure WooCommerce

Click WooCommerce > Settings in the WordPress admin menu

Click the API tab

Check Enable the REST API is checked.

Click Keys/Apps under the tabs.

Click Add Key

Enter "Kit Builder" as the Description

Select the new user you created (e.g. "KitBuilder"

Select Write permissions

Click Generate API Key

Installing Kit Builder on Woocommerce - Step 4


Step 4 - Configure Kit Builder and Add To WordPress

  1. Enter the base URL of your website into the Kit Builder backend. Include the https://. It doesn't matter if there is a trailing slash or not.
  2. Update the boxes above with the consumer secret and consumer key from stage 2.
  3. Click Save WooCommerce Settings
  4. Insert the new distributor code generated from the 'WooCommerce Settings' tab in Kit Builder backend.


Step 5

Visit the new page you have just created, the url should be similar to this: yourwebsite.com/your-url

If you have any issues when inserting the Kit Builder into your WooCommerce website please let us know click here. Remember to include as much detail as possible & a link to your website.