Kit Builder - Advanced 3D Customisation Software​

Kit Builders leading 3D software gives you and your customers the ability to customize your products. The intuitive Kit Builder software has extensive features that makes creating personalized designs fun for consumers but also easy for you to create new products quickly and effortlessly.​

Take control, add as many categories, garments and designs as you like to your 3D Kit Builder, let your customers design their own garments with the options you have provided (colour, logos, text, embellishments + many more options) your combinations are endless.

Once their design is complete on your Kit Builder they can submit it for a quote, share it with friends via social media, print a presentation for approval or even purchase it there and then ready.

Printing is also simple with the Kitbuilder 3D Customiser, files are created in your chosen format and we also have a market leading fully automated print function which accommodates multi sized files.​

With Kit Builder its simple:

Customise -> Share -> Order -> Print


Kit Builder is proven to increase sales, reduced design time and production mistakes for customised garments.

3D Kit builder

3D Kit Builder


Kit Builder - Feature list

  • 360 Degree Rotating view
  • Upload Logos - Customer Can Drag and Drop logos direct on the garment
  • Add Custom Text - Whatever you need
  • Create Unlimited Categories and Products
  • Kit Builders  - Fast Load GTLF Graphics
  • Create 2D and 3D Products On the same Kit Builder
  • Create mutiple Team Stores

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What Our Clients Say


Due to popular demand we automated our customised outfit offer allowing customers to both design and buy. This opened up a new sales channel for us with great success. Thanks to Kit Builder and their development team we were able to simplify a detailed customisation requirement, and along with the realistic 3D visuals, it allowed our customers to buy with confidence.

Matt Henton – Moss Bros

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