Installing Kit Builder on Drupal

Step 1

Login to the admin area of your Drupal Account then go to “Pages” on the “left side” of the page then add new Page

Drupal image 1


Step 2

Then it will Create a basic page you need to enter in page Title box   e.g: “Kit Builder”

Drupal image 2

Step 3

Then on the new page that you have created. There should be a navigation in there at the end there is a source code button this is where you would copy the HTML code into for the Kit Builder

image 3


Step 4

Then go to tags and change to “Full HTML” then from there Click on the “save and Publish” Button then all of the code
would have been published then your Kit Builder should Show up in the front end of the page that you created called “Kit Builder

Drupal image 4

Step 5

Visit the topic page you have just created, the url should be similar to this: yourwebsite.com/t/your-systemname

If you have any issues when inserting the Kit Builder into your Drupal website please let us know click here. Remember to include as much detail as possible & a link to your website.