3D Kit Builder Features

3D Kit Builder is fully customisable and packed with loads of features

The 3D Kit Builder has been designed to allow you to create and build your own range of clothing online for your customers to get a quote or to purchase.

Your kit builder will evolve with you as your business does.


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Professional 3D Customiser - Standard Features

We are constantly adding new features to the Kit Builder, you automatically get all these features as part of the ongoing support.

Kit Builder - Production

360 Degree Rotating view

  • Customers can add their name or initials.
  • Text colours can be quickly changed and resized.
  • Move text around using Drag and Drop.
  • Choose from 1000s of different web fonts.
  • Add custom fonts.

3D Kit  Builder - 360 Degree View

Drag and Drop Logos


Upload Logos - Customer can drag and drop logos directly on the garment

  • Resize logos directly on the garment.
  • Includes logo (white) background removal tool (new).
  • Drag and drop.
  • Add multiple logos.


Masking for text & logos

  • Add masks to your template to assign areas within your designs.
  • Create custom panels and designate specific options.
  • Predefine the text locations.
  • Predefine logo areas.

Masking for Text and Logos

Customer Journey


Customer Journey

  • Create and control your own client journey to design kit.
  • Change the journey whenever you like.
  • Keep the journey simple.


Categories & sub-categories – unlimited

  • Add as many as you like, it’s unlimited!
  • Restructuring the categories is easy when you add a new product.
  • Add subcategories.

Categories & Sub Categories

Products & Product Designs


Products & Product designs - Unlimited

  • Add as many products as you like, it’s unlimited.
  • Add as many designs to your products as you like, it’s unlimited.


Product features

  • Pattern fill - add editable and scalable patterns.
  • Gradient fill - allow client to blend multiple colours
  • Fabric texture - add a texture file so your garments look real.
  • Multiple product options – define your own options.
  • Swatch controls - colour, collars, patterns, embellishments and much more...

3D Kit Builder Product Features

Product Upsell Features


Product upsell features:

  • Group products - synchronising colour and option over multiple garments.
  • Related products - fully customisable or styled and grouped with the main product.
  • Featured products.


Customer – My Designs Area

  • Customers can keep their designs for up to a year.
  • Edit your designs.
  • Add new designs.
  • Share your designs.
  • Control your designs.

My Designs Area

Team Feature


Administrating team kit

  • Simple to add player information - enter info manually or via a CSV file.
  • Set up and save multiple teams.
  • Order different quantities and sizes at the same time.
  • Preview each garment to check everything is correct.


Kit Builder Design - change the design via CSS

  • Customise the design of the Kit Builder to fit with your brand.
  • You can do this yourself or we can do it for you, see advanced features for more information.
  • Restyle your Kit Builder.

Kit Builder Styles

Mobile Optimisation


Mobile Devices - Full smart phone and tablet compatibility

  • For designing kit on the go.
  • Tablet Compatiable.
  • Mobile Friendly.


Social Media

  • Email to a friend
  • Share your designs with Social Networks, there are over 300 to choose from! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Social Media

Customer Contact Quote Form


Customer Contact

  • Quote form - get a quote.
  • Customise your form with the form editor, gather the information you want.


Customer Leads

  • Export all leads from the Kit Builder by Form, Date, Category and Product.

Customer Leads

Kit Builder Training


Training Is included

  • We will take you through two training sessions to get you going, standard and advanced online and at your convenience.


Ongoing support

  • Basic support is included with your package, but enhanced levels are available to purchase.
  • Call us on the dedicated support line.
  • Email us @ Support.
  • Skype Us.
  • Submit a support ticket via the website.

Ongoing Support

Multi Language


Multi language

  • Upload language files, so that you customers can get purchase from your Kit Builder in their own language (new).


3D Kit Builder – Optional features: Kit Builder

The following features are optional, it’s up to you.


PDF Presentation - downloadable professionally branded presentational brochures

  • Customer can design their own kit then download a presentation.
  • You can design a team kit and add the client name and logo then email it to them on a PDF.

PDF Presentation

PDF Production Sheet


Save Designs

  • You or your customers setup an account to log in and save, edit, copy and organise designs – the designs will be saved indefinitely, so recurring orders can easily be accessed or changed to suit.



Ecommerce (Webhook) - sell online, complete the transaction there and then

  • Buy Now Button – Adds customised product to cart in your ecommerce website then takes user to the check out, they then check out as normal.
  • Add to Cart Button – Adds customised product to cart and allows customer to keep designing in kit builder. They can check out at any point.
  • Magento.
  • WooCommerce.
  • BigCommerce.
  • NopCommerce.
  • Shopify.
  • Other - Use the API to link to any ecommerce platform.


Customer Design Download


Customer Design Download

  • Download the clients design and print it.
  • Download the client uploaded logos.


PDF Production Sheet

  • Garment Production – Can be used as the specification production sheet and client sign off or making the garments.
  • Logo Production - Can be used as the logo production sheet and client sign off for adding logos to the garments.
  • Team Kit Production - See all the individual garments with their own customisations.

PDF Production Sheet

Distributor License


Distributors licence - allows feeds to other websites

  • Use the same Kit Builder to Power Multiple websites.
  • Download the client uploaded logos.


Fully automate your print

  • Generate multi sized print files – go from design to print at the touch of a button
  • Control scaling levels on design element – ensures all sizes are visually acceptable​
  • Production specification sheet – check orders or use for sign off
  • Artwork approval system – control is available if you need it

Distributor License